URBAN DECAY | The Naked Palettes - An Introduction

Over the next three days I will be talking all things Naked - now, don't go getting the wrong idea, obviously I am talking about the much coveted Urban Decay Naked range of eye shadow palettes. Being in little old NZ, I had not heard of Urban Decay - it's not available anywhere to buy here and it wasn't until a couple of years ago, that I got into watching so much Youtube and reading blogs from across the globe that the world had opened up to me and revealed the beauty that is Urban Decay.

These were at the top of my wishlist for so long but they were, at that time, completely unobtainable for me - I just didn't think I could splurge that much on eye shadows, but the makeup addiction grew and grew and over Christmas I just could not wait! I ordered the Naked 2 and newly released Naked 3 within a day of each other and was gifted the Naked Basics by my lovely sister. You may be thinking, where is the original Naked palette? Well, to be honest I feel like I have a billion eye shadows to last me a life time and I absolutely love these three, so I just haven't decided whether I need it. Don't get me wrong, I'd love it, but maybe I will wait and get it as a proper treat to myself - or something shiny and new might come along before then, who knows!

Obviously the Naked palettes are old news to many people and I am joining a long list of bloggers who have shared some Naked love, but my blog would not be complete if I didn't give them the proper review with swatches, like I do with this everything else! So the next three posts will feature one of these gorgeous palettes, I'll be sharing colour combos I like and just generally giving them the spotlight they deserve. So stay tuned on CM for a Naked saturation to occur...


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