OPI | Muppets Most Wanted Collection - The Glitters

I always get so excited when a new OPI collection/collaboration comes out. Generally, I end up with at least one bottle from the lot, or a set of minis if I really love the polishes on offer. The latest collection is another collaboration with the Muppets for the new Muppets Most Wanted movie. In 2011, OPI had their first Muppets collection and it was packed with some amazing shades, especially glitters. This one is no different, I wanted to walk away with the all 8 of the bottles, but just settled on two glitter polishes that are totally gorgeous!

I was instantly drawn to this polish as I love the random cuts of glitters in random geometric shapes. It has a clear base and is packed with light pink, gold and silver glitter pieces, big and small. The nail swatch here shows 2 coats, so it has pretty great coverage on the nail. This would look amazing over a lighter gold, white or black to really show up the glitter.

I love the soft lavender shade this had throughout; with small circular pieces of light and dark pink as well as white pieces with larger white square chunks, which don't show up too well on the white base. It has a clear base - pretty standard - and the swatch shows 2 coats. This would look amazing over a light purple or pink, even a grey or black would look great.

These are available where there is an OPI stand, I brought these from Farmers for $19.95 each, but you could probably find them on eBay for a slightly cheaper price. 

Do you get excited when new OPI collections come out like I do? Have you picked up any of the Muppets polishes yet?


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