AUSTRALIS | A Bargain Haul + Swatches

I went down to my local pharamacy the other week to find the Australis stand was actually being removed from the store, so they had a 30% off sale on the left over items. There wasn't a huge selection but I managed to find some gems and ended up spending NZD $65.73 for 5 items and saved a total of $28.17 - pretty good if you ask me! I really like Australis products and have featured some on my blog before, they are great quality and I am super happy with the few I manged to nab.

001. Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in Mambo + Jive // NZD $16.50 - I got them for $11.55 each
I riffled through the lipstick stock and found these 2 shades, they had no testers so it was a bit of a blind buy, as the colours are never accurate on the base of the tube, but I am happy with my choices. They are very pigmented, are easy to apply and feel creamy on the lips. They are pretty long wearing but I feel like I never have the best luck with lipsticks. Mambo is a nude brown shade and Jive is a medium pink.

002. Fresh & Flawless Makeup Foundation in Nude // $21.00 - I got it for $14.70
I haven't tired an Australis foundation or BB cream product before so went for the Fresh & Flawless foundation. On the Australis website it says it is medium to full coverage but on me it is more light to medium as I definitely need to go in with concealer. It is has a semi matte finish and is water-resistant, oil free and has an SPF 15 with Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant.

003. High Lights Mineral Face Highlighter in Pearl // $21.00 - I got it for $14.70
I also picked up one of their highlighters in the shade Pearl. They did have both options available (the other is Gold), but I opted for the pinky shade as other highlighters I have are more champagne/white based. It is a generous sized tube and is going to last me a long time as you only need a tiny pump to highlight the top of the cheeks. It blends out really easily and leaves a nice sheen to the cheeks.

004. Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush in Screen Siren // $18.90 - I got it for $13.23
Lastly, and probably my favourite product from the bunch is this gorgeous looking HD blush in the shade Screen Siren. It is filled with 4 different shades and when swirled together creates a slightly different colour each time, but all in the peachy/pink family. It is insanely pigmented and you only need to barely touch your brush in to get the right amount of colour.

I was so glad to have found this great sale and be able to get a few more Australis makeup products to use! If you love Australis, let me know your must have product from them in the comments.


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