MAYBELLINE | Color Show Limited Edition Sequins Nail Polishes

My blog has been a little nail polish heavy lately (unsurprising, seeing as I am a bit of an addict), anyway I have to share these amazing polishes with you all! I was so lucky to actually win these 4 Maybelline Sequin polishes through a competition on their Facebook page where you upload a picture of your nail art and people could like to vote it up and I was 1 of I think 20 other winners to score this set. It made my day when I found out and is quite funny because just the day before I nearly brought one of them but had decided to restrain myself and then the next day I've won 4 of them!

These are seriously AMAZING glitters, I didn't think they would be so incredible but they are so glitter packed. The glitter pay off is amazing, 2 coats for full coverage over bear nails - insanely impressive as all other glitters I have you would need to put layer after layer to get anywhere near the coverage of the Color Show ones. These retail for around $8.50 here in NZ, which is such great value for money.

Silver Gleam 810 - Silver glitter with various chunks of holographic glitter through out.

Gold's Night Out 815 - Same as the silver, but all gold (obviously) and with holographic gold chunks.

Sea-Quins 820 - A vibrant deep turquoise polish with darker pieces of blue/teal glitter.

Rose Bling 825 - A super girly metallic pink glitter, with chunks of darker pink glitter and holographic pieces.

These are the 4 polishes, only needing 2 coats for this amazing result. They make the perfect feature nail, or on the all the nails if you want to go glitter crazy! I love Rose Bling, but Sea-Quins is my favourite pick from the bunch, as it is so unique and just a beautiful colour.

If you spot these at any shop, I would say 100% buy at least one, I don't think I can rave enough about them!
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