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To be fair I do own many nail polishes (mostly from OPI or Revlon) but only have 2 bottles of Essie polishes. Once I got my hands on them (also from eBay) I have now been lusting over all things Essie and have been looking to add more to my collection.

Essie has recently become available in Farmers here in NZ, but are priced at around $20+, eBay is a great place to buy from. I use the seller salonsupplystore who has the cheapest shipping (approx. $3.00 per bottle - less if you buy a few) and amazing prices for Essie at around NZD $6.40 - such a bargain!

I managed to narrow it down to 4 bottles for this particular order, including the infamous Fiji and new shade After School Boy Blazer and all up it only cost USD $30.96 (including shipping).

001. FIJI
I feel like I was missing out by not owning this coveted shade! It really is the prettiest pastel baby pink and the formula was amazing, especially for a lighter shade. It took 2 coats to cover the swatch and make it completely opaque.

Something really drew me to this shade and is like nothing else I own. It is a soft pastel mauve and will be great for Autumn.

I fell in love with this colour instantly and it just screams Summer time to me! It is a coral orange and I can't wait to get it on my nails!

Lastly, but certainly not least is the one I was most excited to buy, the one that popped up on nearly every blog and the one I just needed to add to my nail stash. This was part of the Fall collection and is a very deep navy blue which in some lights looks black. I love this shade so much that I want to wear it on my nails all the time but my brain keeps telling me 'No Cass, it is Summer, put on some neon polish!' I don't know how long I can go before I put this on my nails... let's see.

Please let me know your favourite Essie polishes in the comments, so I know what shades to buy next (bear in mind I already own and adore Bikini So Teeny and Mint Candy Apple).
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