MINI MANI #005 | ORLY Mash Up Mini Collection for Spring

Happy day #5 of my Mini Mani series! Today's mini set 'Mash Up' is a fairly new one to my collection (only brought last week!) and I think newly released by Orly for the Spring/Summer. These colours are perfect for the warmer months and I am obsessed with them to be perfectly honest!

001. Choreographed Chaos
This is an almost neon pastel pink, and the finish is not creamy like Harmonious Mess (see below), but more leaning towards the matte side of things. Obviously with a top coat it would give it that gloss, but I quite like the finish. The formula is great and goes on smooth, and this one needed 2 coats.

002. Harmonious Mess
I currently have this on my nails at the moment (NOTD post will be up next week) and it is gorgeous! It's between a dusty blue and a lilac - kind of a periwinkle colour and I think it looks very flattering on the nails and is the perfect Spring colour. This only needed 1 coat for full opacity (I did 2 for good measure) and it's super creamy.

003. Mayhem Mentality
Not only is the name perfect, the colour is on another level. This is Summer in a bottle and is a super bright neon orange colour that the camera just did not want to pick up - think highlighter level bright. It has a semi - matte finish, which I find a lot of neon colours tend to have (across a variety of brands). This is going to look really great on tanned skin!

004. Pretty-Ugly
I don't understand the name for this one, because I think the colour is really pretty and not ugly as all! This a lovely light blue with a hint of shimmer to it and is a great colour for Spring.

If I had to pick a favourite I think it would be... ah, all of them!? The formulas are great, 1-2 coats makes a great finish and the colour selection available in this pack are beautiful and so summery! This is also great value for money, as at Farmers these small bottles retail for $11.95 each, and the 4 pack was only $21.99 - a great deal!
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